My living son is 6

I have a 6 year old son. My only living son Thayu is 6 today. His name means peace and life. Every time I look at this child, I never […]

Hello there, my name is grief

Hello there My name is grief I am here for a while Actually for a long while I will be taking different forms on our journey together Please don’t fight […]

Life And Death

“… Death reveals the utter vanity of all our misplaced worship and all our feebly invested hopes …” (Douglas Kaine McKelvey – Every Moment Holy II: Volume II: Death, Grief, […]

Rev. Dr. James K. Kuria (1956 – 2021)

On 31st August 2021, at 9:30pm, Rev. Dr. James Kiarie Kuria breathed his last this side of eternity. James was the husband of Rev. Margaret Wangari, the father of Cate, […]

For Yours and Mine

Dear God, regarding these precious ones, these that are yours and mine at the same time, it is for these precious ones i pray today. I ask that you not […]

Still here, dearly Beloved

One year ago, me and mine lives took a turn It was a huge turn It was an unexpected turn In the days that followed my physical body bore the […]


Hello, I guess It’s good to be here Its fun to think that I am only seeing because you are here I like the way my mouth moves when I […]

Guest of 5000

Did you ever wonder about the person sitting in the grass, partaking of fish and bread (perhaps gingerly biting into the small piece of fish and then more voraciously into […]

One breath at a time . . .

I have been learning how to breath. I can hear some chuckling, that was me a few months ago as well. “But I have been breathing since I was born,” […]

Beating children ≠ Disciplining Them, Its abuse!

I grew up in a Christian, Bible believing home. One of them beliefs that were strongly held were that disciplining a child must be done using a rod. So I […]