Epilogue: A-Z Praying For Your Children

When I envisioned this series ‘A-Z Praying For Your Children’ I was very excited. My main aim was to work on my children’s faith and Christian walk. ???? Little did I know, it was to be a double journey.

As the days progressed, I realized there were two children in play here:

  1. The children that call you Father and Mother, the children that call you Guardian, the children that call you Teacher, the children that call you Big Brother and Big Sister, those that call you Mentor; those under your direct and indirect care, those that look up to you – all those children.
  2. All of us who have confessed with our lips that Jesus is Lord and believed in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead – this category covered the grown ups.

This realization is evident in the flow of the series and the prayers therein.

It is my prayer that as you have reflected with and prayed for your children, you have also reflected and prayed for yourself as a child of God.


Blessings eternal to you all.


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