Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Integrated Living Program?

The Integrated Living Program is a Personal Development and Spiritual Journey Program.
Through facilitation, the program aims to walk with the participants in answering 3 life questions:

  • Who Am I?- IDENTITY
  • Where Am I? – PHASE
  • How Do I Integrate – INTEGRATION

It is both a personal development program as well as a Spiritual Journey because the faith aspect is integrated into the 10 Week Lessons.

2. How long is the Integrated Living

The Integrated Living program is a 10 Week Journey. The course is undertaken once a week for 3 hours. Different Journey’s meet on different days.

3. Do I have to attend all the classes?

Yes. It is important that you attend all 10 classes so as to extract all the benefits of the program. Not only is it important for you to attend classes, it is also important that you invest time and space to do all your reflections throughout your chosen Journey.

4. What is a Silent Retreat?

A Silent Retreat happens after Weeks of the class. It is an entire day of Guided silence from 9am – 4pm. The Silent Retreat aims at having each student spend time away from Noise and be focused on God. During the silent retreat. you only go in with your Bible. Notebook, Pen and Watch.

No phones are allowed during session.

5. Are there any costs related to the Integrated Living Program?

Yes, there are costs.

The Integrated Living Program requires you to make both a time and financial investment.

The financial investment is 50,000/ – which covers:

  • Integrated Living Student Workbook
  • Class sessions
  • One day silent retreat
  • One overnight retreat

For More Inquiries:

  • Call/SMS 0707 056 312
  • www.integratedliving.co.ke