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Imago Christi in Conjunction with Integrated Living is offering an Online Discovery that is open to anyone.

The Spiritual Formation Discovery event is designed for committed followers of Jesus who want to grow in their intimacy with Him and their ability to share His love with others.

  • Discover the keys to your spiritual growth.

  • Experience your longing for God and His longing for relationship with you.

  • Participate in a spiritual community that inspires your growth through shared story and common experience.

This Online Discovery event is especially designed for the African and European timezones, but is open for anyone in the Americas as well.

This Discovery will span eight sessions with some home assignments between sessions.

This Discovery will be held live on the Zoom video-conferencing platform two days per week (Mondays and Thursdays) over four weeks in June.

  • Monday June 1st and Thursday June 4th

  • Monday June 8th and Thursday June 11th

  • Monday June 15th and Thursday June 18th

  • Monday June 22nd and Thursday June 25th

at the following time (in various timezones for reference, confer World Time Zones):

  • 7pm-9pm East Africa Time & Moscow Time

  • 6pm-8pm W-European Daylight Time

  • 12pm-2pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA)


  • Availability for all Eight Sessions (see days & times above)

  • Completion of all Assignments between Sessions (30-90 min. each)

  • Separate devices (computer, iPad, tablet) for each individual participant in a single household

  • Zoom connectivity (Instructions will be given upon Registration)

  • Quiet location with no distractions for the duration of the Discovery

  • A hunger for more of God and for a greater understanding of your spiritual formation journey

COST: Ksh 5,000

Cost includes: Discovery Workbook (sent as PDF), Zoom Meeting access and Calendar invitations, along with the Exercises for Discovery Companions (PDF).

Limit 285 participants. Registration closes on Wednesday, May 27th @ 11:59pm EDT.

More information about Spiritual Formation Discovery on Imago Christi’s Discovery page.

Click the button below if you would like to pay via card on their official website or you can fill in the form below and pay via MPESA.

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