Safe Space

Is it safe really?
How safe is it?
So I look around
My eyes darting throughout the room
Studying each face
Noticing each misplaced and forced smile
I begin to untie the tights knots around my heart
My head goes off
Sirens wailing, begging me to stop
But my heart is bursting, it needs a release
So the head and heart war rages
The heart is winning and another knot is untied
My mouth follows the heart
It is open now and flowing as the heart pours
My eyes join the party and the tear ducts supply the gush
My head is still in resistance mode, still running the sirens
Then a laughter cuts through the flow between my heart and my mouth
A piercing comment follows the laughter
The recoiling is immediate
The back flow intuitive
The mind goes into overdrive, it is time for coping
The knots are getting tied even tighter this time
The tear ducts have not received the memo though, they are threatening a flood
Not now, not now, as the eyes shut and squeeze
The nose joins in for cover up
The hand fishes out an extension of the scarf
I must be catching a cold, the mouth half laughs half speaks
Mind is having a ‘I told you so’ moment with the heart
Body is going numb, led by the legs that are most needed now for escape
Mind goes into overdrive and marshals the entire being to leave
Safe space?
I do not think so.

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