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Silent Retreat

Silence is one of the spiritual disciplines that present-day Christians have forgotten. Unfortunately, it is to our spiritual undoing that we have not observed silence.
Our Lord Jesus Christ while on earth practiced a lot of solitude and prayers which are spiritual disciplines that go well together with the spiritual discipline of Silence.

There are many benefits of practicing the spiritual discipline of silence. From the guided silent retreats conducted so far 3 benefits stand out:

1. Awareness – When you are silent you gain a heightened awareness of self, of nature and of God
2. Calmness – When you are silent you slowly get into a calm state. And in that calm state it becomes easier to hear the still small voice
3. Clarity – One you are calm from being silent and your awareness becomes heightened, clarity on many matters occurs.

I would highly recommend scheduled regular silent retreats for every person more so for every believer. I have found that because many Christians are not aware of this discipline they may not know what exactly to do and or how to go about it. And that is where guided silent retreats come in.
If you are interested in a personal or group guided silent retreat please reach out to me on joyce@integratedliving.co.ke and I will be glad to guide you.

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