Describe your life right now...
Are you busy?

And you know very well that juggling is not a skill you possess, and even if you do juggling life is not the same as juggling balls.

  • Are you afraid that if you even blink and one ball fall the rest of your life will crumble right before your eyes?
  • Have you already dropped one or more balls in your juggling lifestyle?
  • Do you acknowledge that certain areas of your life have continually been sacrificed for the success of others?
  • Do you desire to flourish in every area of your life and stop struggling to balance everything? Do you want to STOP STRIVING and to START THRIVING?


This is a JOURNEY that begins your life of THRIVING.

How you may ask?

The INTEGRATED LIVING Journey is anchored on three main steps:

  • 1.
    First by acknowledging how mortal and finite you are. You are only human dear reader, you can only do so much without fainting and losing it all together
  • 2.
    Secondly by sitting down and writing down what is important in the phase of your life right now. Because you have acknowledged point 1 above this should be easy
  • 3.
    Thirdly the things you make a choice to concentrate on, start working out ways they can build into each other instead of being separate entities.

The INTEGRATED LIVING Journey is a 10 Week Program that is available in three options:

  • Online
  • Physical class
  • Online + Physical class