Wanjiku’s presentation at Soularize 2021 was amazing! Her passion was inspiring, Her knowledge was persuasive, her presence was inviting and her spirit / love is life-giving. I would highly recommend you consider inviting Wanjiku to share her wit and wisdom with your community.

Spencer Burke
Founding Executive Director of Lean Faith

Thanks Joyce for indulging me in this journey. I learnt a lot especially on self-care. I am able to express myself better without compromising my happiness coz I have learned for me to be there for others, I've got to love, appreciate n take care of myself first otherwise I'll not live long to be there for them.
Thanks so much dear n may God give you have and love to reach out to more mums.

Peninah Kiarie
IL - SAHM Individual Journey

IL WM journey was designed just for me and it fit in well well. My life has been enriched, reinforced for Christ. If you are looking to create good lifelong habits and need to stop balancing your life least you drop one off then Integrated Living should be your next and immediate course to take.

Ruth Mbithi
IL WM (Working Mum) Journey

The integrated living course was a very unique experience. I took it on the advice of the program creator and am happy I did. It opened my eyes to a new way to look at life and not wade in the dark in the different phases. If you enjoy a deep dive into things this is for you. Coupled with a great teacher, it is a course that's interesting, helpful and enriching.

Caroline Nganatha
IL Individual Journey

Being a stay at home mom is both fulfilling and overwhelming. The integrated living course helped me incorporate all my roles so that I can run an accomplished life-without foregoing self care. I am not yet there but am loving the journey. This is an eye opening course that is suitable for all mothers.

Njeri Marasi
IL - Stay At Home Mum Journey

I am glad I participated in the IL-SAHM program facilitated by Joyce Mwangi. It was eye-opening especially on how to get things going as a SAHM without feeling overwhelmed. We studied how to integrate everything! Joyce individualises the training to fit every individual and walks you through and follows up on your commitments. I learnt positive values which I'm applying in my life. It is a program I would recommend to every SAHM.

Vivian Gaiko
IL - Stay At Home Mum Journey

A Social Worker, a mother, sister, mentor, trainer, and most of all the daughter of the most high King.
I am passionate about women and girls...thus my ever increasing quest to see their lives empowered and changed.
I have been in the past trying to juggle all my responsibilities and roles in life, thinking that the more busy I am, the more significance am making. The pressures brought about by trying to keep all the balls balanced caught up with me. I went into prayer asking the Lord to give me a way out.
God is faithful because I was able to go through Integrated Living...which introduced me into a new way of life.
Integrated living has become a part of me, now I can enjoy all that is in my plate without the pressure of making everything work.
I now have enough time for self care and not feel guilty about it.
I thank God for answering my prayers.

Cate Kiarie
IL - Single Parent Journey

Wanjiku has been a great supporter of A Noble Job’s vision and mission. She has been a core facilitator since 2018 when the stay home moms fellowships were inaugurated.

Wanjiku’s content is spot on, practical, relevant, relatable and has well-thought-out assignments. She is an interactive, passionate and inspiring speaker. Her presentations are very engaging and exciting.

Through her Integrated Living program, Wanjiku has helped the participants of A Noble Job reflect on their lives and discover who they are and begin to live consciously.

Tirisah Njeri
Founder: A Noble-Job, Stay Home Mom Fellowship

When I started off the integrated living SAHM 10 weeks’ program, I have to confess, I did not know what to expect. However, the sessions were mind-boggling and helped me answer some real hard life questions. For a long time, I was trapped in a glass bubble looking out at the world, seeing other working mums balancing out their lives and living very happily but boy was I wrong. It’s hard to balance life without falling short of one role and feeling miserable and

Joyce Mwangi consistently provides fresh weekly topics to help individuals discern the true nature of integrated living of a stay at home mum; her role, her identity, self-care and her growth. I have now become clearly aware of who I am, my identity in God, where I really want to go and most importantly, what I need to do to get there without the pressure of balancing life. I can now priotize self- care and my relationship with God. I've seen my stress level drop and my overall personal life satisfaction grow by leaps and bounds. I wish other SAHMs can get to learn and live their lives without the unnecessary pressure of balancing life. Thanks Joyce for helping me out. God bless you and order your steps to helping
many other SAHMs.

Rahab Gachoka
IL - Stay At Home Mum Journey

I joined IL for two reasons; one was to support my friend JM and two to satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to know what IL was all about.

All my life, I have been an extremely private person. One who is strong enough to fight her battles in private and appear very strong in public. One who is ever strong to offer support but weak in admitting that I need support. One who doesn't know how to respond when offered support but bubbles with life when asked for support.

IL gave me an opportunity to focus on ME, MYSELF and I. To get real with myself. Out of those sessions of self reflection, I started on a journey to talk about my 'struggles' and admit my vulnerabilities publicly. "What are my struggles?" You may ask. WAITING! I call myself a 'late bloomer' because I am behind my peers in many areas (I am contented though). Waited 9 years after high school to join university, husband waited 5 years after graduation to find a job, 9 years into marriage still waiting to have a child. I talk about it because I understood that by doing so, I am fulfilling my assignment on earth: Giving hope. I am also slowly learning how to respond to especially moral support.

IL is intense but worth the investment. It gives one an opportunity to interact and fellowship with self; getting real with oneself.
Thank you JM, now I know what IL is all about.

Wangoi Njoroge
Integrated Living - Waiting Wombs Journey

When I heard of the integrated living concept, I got excited, I was not too ready for the class but when I met the teacher she convinced me to give it a try. I can now confirm that the journey of learning opened my eyes to a deep reflection of who I am and how to make most of life as a working mum. It gives freedom and liberation from swinging on the balance. The course is designed in such a way that it takes you through a spiritual journey. I would recommend it for any Working mum who needs a catch-up with herself.

Janet Isaya
IL Working Mum Journey

My IL journey was quite timely, at a time I felt lost and yearned to find myself.

By the time I was done with the course, I had a clear understanding of my Identity, Roles and Gifts. I was clear and equipped on how to integrate all that in my life and BLOOM while at it.

My Spiritual Journey was one to behold. I learned a lot of Spiritual Disciplines that keep defining and refining my spiritual intelligence and my relationship with God.

Integrated Living is now my lifestyle and I am loving it.

Irene Cherono
IL - SAHM Individual Journey

We have hosted Wanjiku in Ariela Movement in different programs to speak on Healing Emotional wounds and to date, those sessions are some of the most impactful sessions that we have hosted. Wanjiku has a way of repackaging our thoughts and experiences in a way that adds meaningful guidance.

Wanjiku’s support has provided the Ariela Movement with resources, tactics, and practical tools that has greatly enhanced our journeys. I would highly recommend Wanjiku as a trainer and facilitator. Her practical, supportive and compassionate approach and her style of teaching has supported many to find direction, and unique solutions that work for their particular situation. Wanjiku has not only inspired me, but has given me valuable guidance in my personal journey

Rose Nabwire
Founder – Ariela Movement

I had the pleasure of attending the Embodied Healing Workshop run by Wanjiku J. Mwangi as part of a larger conference. When I signed up, I didn’t know that I needed it so badly. It wasn’t merely slowing down that was so meaningful but that I specifically needed to care for my body in ways that were outside of my own normal habits. I experienced exactly what the title of the workshop promised. I was carefully guided towards reflective, attentive, and spirit-led healing in my body through the use of all my physical senses. The whole experience provided more than what I could have anticipated. Wanjiku is a trusted leader and these practices will be a gift to anyone who has the opportunity to participate. I highly recommend it!

Rev. Dr. Drew G. I. Hart
Associate Professor of Messiah University and Author of Who Will Be A Witness?: Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love, and Deliverance