IL WM journey was designed just for me and it fit in well well. My life has been enriched, reinforced for Christ. If you are looking to creating a good habit and in need to stop balancing your life least you drop one off then Integrated Living should be your next and immediate course to take. Thank you Mwalimu.
Ruth Syevose Mbithi(IL- WM Journey)
Wanjiku’s presentation at Soularize 2021 was amazing! Her passion was inspiring, Her knowledge was persuasive, her presence was inviting and her spirit / love is life-giving. I would highly recommend you consider inviting Wanjiku to share her wit and wisdom with your community.
Spencer BurkeHost of Soularize Founding Executive Director of Lean Faith
In September 2021, Wanjiku offered her time and spiritual direction to participants of the Center for Action and Contemplation’s CONSPIRE virtual conference. Her spiritual direction and generosity of spirit brought opportunities for authentic engagement for the conference participants which truly helped to make the CONSPIRE conference so rich and meaningful. She was able to offer space and guidance for grounded reflection in a busy virtual environment to many diverse participants – for that we are so grateful!
Center For Action and Contemplation (CAC)
I had the pleasure of attending the Embodied Healing Workshop run by Wanjiku J. Kiarie as part of a larger conference. When I signed up, I didn’t know that I needed it so badly. It wasn’t merely slowing down that was so meaningful but that I specifically needed to care for my body in ways that were outside of my own normal habits. I experienced exactly what the title of the workshop promised. I was carefully guided towards reflective, attentive, and spirit-led healing in my body through the use of all my physical senses. The whole experience provided more than what I could have anticipated. Wanjiku is a trusted leader and these practices will be a gift to anyone who has the opportunity to participate. I highly recommend it!
Rev. Dr. Drew G. I. HartAssociate Professor of Messiah University Author: Who Will Be A Witness?: Igniting Activism for God’s Justice, Love, and Deliverance
As a Church, we were fortunate to have the opportunity to offer an Intergenerational Holy Week 2023 gathering for our members led by Wanjiku J. Kiarie. Wanjiku’s mere presence created a space of joy and healing. She is incredibly gifted with the ability to connect with people of every age, race, class and demographic across all possible differences to cultivate safe and healthy environment for communal healing. In addition to her presence and connectivity, Wanjiku’s embodied wisdom and love provided our members with a powerful and immediate experience of belonging and wholeness that many are still talking about months later. If you want to create space for communal trauma informed integrated healing and wellness practice for people of all ages, I cannot recommend anyone higher than Wanjiku J. Kiarie.
Rev. Dr. Benjamin BoswellSenior Minister of Myers Park Baptist Church Creator: Confronting Whiteness Ministry Author: For the Facing of this Hour: Preaching that Resists White Christian Nationalism
My IL journey was quite timely, at a time I felt lost and yearned to find myself. By the time I was done with the course, I had a clear understanding of my Identity, Roles and Gifts. I was clear and equipped on how to integrate all that in my life and BLOOM while at it. My Spiritual Journey was one to behold. I learnt a lot of Spiritual Disciplines that keep defining and refining my spiritual intelligence and my relationship with God. Integrated Living is now my lifestyle and I am loving it.
Irene Chereno (IL- SAHM Individual Journey)
We have hosted Wanjiku in Ariela Movement in different programs to speak on Healing Emotional wounds and to date, those sessions are some of the most impactful sessions that we have hosted. Wanjiku has a way of repackaging our thoughts and experiences in a way that adds meaningful guidance. Wanjiku’s support has provided Ariela Movement with resources, tactics, and practical tools that has greatly enhanced our journeys. I would highly recommend Wanjiku as a trainer and facilitator. Her practical, supportive and compassionate approach and her style of teaching has supported many to find direction, and unique solutions that work for their particular situation. Wanjiku has not only inspired me, but has given me valuable guidance in my personal journey
Rose Nabwire, Founder, Ariela Movement
Wanjiku has been a great supporter of the ‘Noble -Job’s vision and mission. She has facilitated several topics in the different meetings we have had. Wanjiku’s content is spot on, relevant and practical, with well thought out assignments. As an interactive speaker, she makes the presentations and sessions very engaging and exciting. Wanjiku’s content has helped the ladies to reflect on their lives and discover who they are. We, as the Noble-Job, can recommend her to share her wisdom because she is passionate and inspiring with what she does.
Tirisah Njeri Founder,A Noble Job
In January 2022 I attended an embodied healing workshop by Wanjiku J. Kiarie, I originally attended simply because of my admiration for Wanjiku not really thinking about the focus of the workshop. I was not expecting the transformative experience I encountered. As a citizen of the global majority, I like so many, am responsible not only for my own healing but the generations before me who could never access healing in the throes of survival. Healing is deep and painful work for the mind, body and spirit. Being disembodied is a tool of survival, it is the armor we use to exist in a world that has moved passed the sins of colonialism with zero accountability or repair for its devastation and brutality and its generational impact. The idea of being embodied is a terrifying proposition. Wanjiku understands this well and because of that has proven a trustworthy and gentle guide so much so that I enlisted her support in Spiritual Direction for my 10-year-old daughter. She has incredible intuition and wisdom that makes her healing work so impactful. I highly recommend working with Wanjiku in the tender journey of healing.
Rebekah James LovettCo-Founder Revive Brands